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Goodbye Cardigan, Hello Kimono! June 01 2016, 0 Comments

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Although my love for cardigans runs deep, my lust for the kimonos runs even deeper, and thus I find myself extravagantly cheating on the cardigan. But hey, a girl needs some variety, am I right ladies?! Plus, it’s certainly that time of the year to say “goodbye” to a few things (at least for a while) and “hello” to new things that bring positivity and enrich our lives. And the kimono certainly does just that. A bohemian, chic addition to any wardrobe is the perfect start to a new year.



2016 Fortune Revealed! January 04 2016, 1 Comment

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It sure has been real, 2015, and personally I’m glad to see you go. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, as they say! Too harsh? Well no use looking back, a year full of mystery and adventure lies ahead! Whether you’re glad to see 2015 go or wish you could relive it all over again, it’s always great to have a fresh start. I’m certainly up for it! Who knows, this year could be the year! A spicy new love life, a career move that gives you more monetary abundance and freedom, the strength to kick a bad habit and start a few good ones, a chance to travel the world, get discovered for a talent you may or may not know you have, win the lottery… the possibilities are endless!