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Curated with an obsession for everything retro and vintage, the notorious 1950’s street racing term “racing for pink slips” became the main inspiration for the boutique’s title. The owner, Karen Reinstatler, set out to issue the pink slip for the best threads in town.


Since the store’s launch in April 2009, Pink Slip Threads has evolved from a vintage inspired clothing store into a chic and trendy fashion boutique while still exhibiting that retro, vintage flair. Pink Slip Threads has it all, from punk to glam, retro to indie, chic to sweet, and sassy to classy. And just like all fashionistas who constantly update their closet, Pink Slip Threads updates their wardrobe with the latest threads weekly. Providing women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, and super cute gifts, any gal can find her perfect match to fabulous.


Readers Poll for Best Boutique 2011 and 2013.    
~ Best of New Times.



Pink Slip Threads Owner, Karen Reinstatler




Karen Reinstatler is a product of her own design, rarely following the beaten path. Her love for fashion was very apparent even at an early age. At 13 years old, her aunt taught her how to sew, and Karen began crafting her own dresses. After graduating in Fashion Design specializing in Collections and Trends, Karen dabbled in clothing design revamping old clothing and vintage reproduction, and selling her creations at home trunk shows. This passion for vintage style clothing lead her to creating her own psychobilly and pin-up eBay store where she sold all of her own designs.

As her style progressed and her entrepreneurship developed, she decided to open her own boutique carrying not only retro-esque designs, but also fashion forward and funky collections. And thus, fulfilling all sides of her fashion senses from frilly girly to the bad-ass rock n’ roller. Today, she hunts for the funkiest, coolest threads around including designers like Dolce Vita, Yosi Samra, Blank Denim, as well as items from local artists and designers.





Pink Slip Threads’ Anniversary events portray Karen’s remarkable designer talent while also showcasing her knack for revisiting antique ideas in a modern age. These themed fashion events illustrate the boutique’s style and season trends with a fun, interactive, art exhibit ambiance.

With themes like Bunnicula, Vaudeville Circus, and Seven Deadly Sins, any gal can see Karen’s unique and funky flair for shows that present new fashions and involve attendees in an extraordinary way.

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